Musical solo the I.N.F.E.A.R project was created in 2009 on ATOM Volgograd group bones. Everything began in January 2009 when the ATOM Volgograd group, was disbanded because of disagreement between musicians of collective. Founders of ATOM group guitarists of Melnikov Denis and Dorofeyev Sergey decided to continue group activity, but under other name. Having spent much time over creation of a new name of team, they stopped on the I.N.F.E.A.R project name the Name of the project personified our life, in fear. Thus, in February, 2009 the new Volgograd group I.N.F.E.A.R In March, 2009 to I.N.F.E.A.R group was born bass player Alyakin Oleg joins, and in May of the same year drummer Zlobin Andrey joins. Fruitful work on a new musical material of group begins. Melnikov Denis undertakes a vocal and during short time reaches a rigid, roaring vocal. Each participant of group starts creative work on a demo a material, songs become ominous and aggressive, music of group became heavier and progressive. Thus by the end 2009 in house conditions the I.N.F.E.A.R group writes down the first demonstration album "BLACK HEARTS" which included 9 songs. At the beginning of 2010 some concerts were played. In February 2010 in group there were vital problems, the black strip of the project began. In October the group is left by Zlobin Andrey, it goes on service to army, on it his musical activity ended. In a month Dorofeyev Sergey, gets to narcological clinic. Thus, in May, 2010 the I.N.F.E.A.R group is disbanded. Participants of group became before a fork, everyone went the vital road. Melnikov Denis continues to practise music, but any more as group. He composes new songs and plays them to friends. Many friends advise to it to renew musical activity, having created the solo project. Thus, at the beginning of 2012 he decides to continue activities for I.N.F.E.A.R project implementation As though the Phoenix from ashes revives musical solo the I.N.F.E.A.R project In March, 2012 record of 9 songs which entered into a new demo album of "MILLENIUM" comes to the end. Music became fast, sated with aggression and weight. Lyrics became philosophical, mentioning policy, religion and war.

2009 (Melnikov Denis – guitar, vocal Dorofeyev Sergey – guitar Alyakin Oleg - bass Zlobin Andrey - drummer) 2012 (Melnikov Denis - guitar, bass, vocal and drummer)
I.N.F.E.A.R. пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!